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Meet Our Instructors

John Bassi

John Bassi is a 20-year veteran in Law Enforcement. John started his career with the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 and transferred to the Lanesborough, MA Police Department in 1998. John worked as a Patrolman in the small rural Town of Lanesborough until 2005, at which time he transferred to the City of Pittsfield, MA, where he is currently employed and assigned as a Crime Scene Investigator in the Department’s Detective Unit. During his tenure at the Pittsfield Police Department John has worked in a variety of divisions including, Street Crimes, Bike Patrol, Special Response Team and is involved in many Community Policing Initiatives, most notably the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Program. As a Patrolman, John was a Field Training Officer for several years before being promoted to the Detective Bureau. John has worked as a Crime Scene Investigator for over nine years and during this time has worked many homicide investigations, robberies, sexual assaults, burglaries. John has attended a number of trainings in the areas of Basic and Advanced Fingerprint Processing, Classification and Comparison and is a fingerprint examiner. John also received extensive training at the National Forensic Science Training Center in Largo, FL in the areas of Basic and Intermediate Crime Scene Processing in addition to Biological Evidence Detection and Collection. John also has training in Crime Scene Photography, Evidence and Property Management and Death Scene Investigations. He is an Instructor at the Massachusetts Police Training Committee’s Springfield Facility and also at the MPTC Reserve Intermittent Police Academy where he teaches a four-day course on Criminal Investigations. John has also been a guest instructor at Berkshire Community College also in a Criminal Investigations. Additionally, John is an instructor with the Pittsfield Police Department’s Community Police Academy. John holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Western New England University and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University. He is also an active member of the International Association for Identification.

Michael Maddalena

Michael Maddalena is a 24 year veteran of Berkshire County’s largest police department, the Pittsfield Police Dept. During his time with the agency, he's had the opportunity to work and train in several different capacities, gaining a wealth of knowledge across the law enforcement spectrum, in both the investigative and administrative fields.

Presently, Michael is a member of the department’s Command Staff as a Detective Lieutenant responsible for overseeing night operations of the Detective Bureau and Narcotics Unit. He has prior work experience as a Detective, investigating all types of major crimes. . While working in the Patrol Division, Michael was an SRT member where he trained in tactical operations. He worked with community policing and outreach programs He was one of department's first Field Training officers in the mid 90s and later became a Field Training Unit Supervisor, overseeing the unit.

Lt Maddalena has training and experience in the hiring of new police officers. He is presently the departments Background Investigation Unit Coordinator for all new hires. Lt Maddalena has testified before members of the Civil Service Commission regarding bypass appeal hearings. His work in this field has given him a wealth of knowledge relating to the hiring process of new police officers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Lt Maddalena holds MPTC instructor certifications in Leadership and Field Training. He is also is an MPTC First Line Supervisor Instructor and certified Staff Instructor. He earned his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University.

Mark Bushey

Mark Bushey is recently retired from the Pittsfield Police Department where he ended his 29 year career as a Sergeant in the Patrol Division. Mark was also an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Berkshire Community College retiring from that position in 2018. During his tenure at the Pittsfield Police Department, Mark became the first recognized Community Policing Officer in the department and in 1994 developed the current School Resource Officer program. In 1998 Mark was promoted to Detective where he worked several major crime investigations and held positions as the Court Officer and Lead Sexual Assault Investigator. In 2001 Mark was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he supervised officers in the patrol Division both on the day and midnights shifts. He also was the Gang Unit supervisor and has been recognized as an expert on gang activity and behavior. Mark also carried out the duties of Public Information Officer until his retirement in 2018. Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College and graduated Summa Cum Laude. His passion is and has always been helping others reach their full potential.

Glen Decker

Glen Decker is a 30-year veteran at the Pittsfield Police Department where he is currently assigned as the shift commander of the Patrol Division’s midnight shift as a Lieutenant. Glen worked a large number of years as a Narcotics Investigator beginning just two years after his graduation from the Police Academy. During those years as a Narcotics Investigator Glen was involved in thousands of investigations and hundreds of search warrants. Glen also worked undercover and made numerous hand to hand sales of narcotics from drug dealers. Glen was also called on frequently to give expert testimony in this field both at the District and Superior Court levels. Glen was a member of the Berkshire County Drug Task Force during his tenure working Narcotics.

In 1997, Glen was promoted to Detective and investigated numerous homicides, arsons, sexual assaults, robberies and many other violent crimes. In 2007, Glen was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant on the midnight shift and responsible for fourteen officers. Glen prides himself on the fact that he has been able to pass on his vast knowledge gained both in the Narcotics and Detective Units to younger officers on his shift. Most recently, Glen was promoted to Lieutenant and he also supervises and oversees the Anti-Crime Unit which is comprised of patrol officers from the Pittsfield Police Department and members of the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office. This unit aggressively targets violent felons, drug dealers, individuals wanted on outstanding warrants, and deals with quality of life issues effecting neighborhoods and various locations throughout the city.

Glen is a highly decorated officer and has received numerous awards and commendations throughout his years of service. Most notably, Glen received the following awards from the New England Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, Lifetime Achievement Award, Jeremiah P. Sullivan Award, and Henry J. Rinaldi Award. He was awarded a number of commendations for Honorable Service and work on a variety of investigations. He was also named Police Officer of the Year and awarded the Chief’s Award. Glen is a tenacious investigator who is well versed in criminal procedure and does not quit until there are no more leads to follow. Glen graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the former North Adams State College (MCLA) and attained a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from American International College.

JD Hebert

JD Hebert has been in the emergency response field for over 25 years. He currently works for the United Counseling Service in Bennington VT where he is responsible for emergency management for all 16 sites over 300 employees and 5000 clients.

In addition, he also works for Northwest Massachusetts Incident Management Team he holds several qualifications and has deployed to several large-scale events

JD has an Associate’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relation form Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a Certified Advanced EMT and has experience training various courses that include Event Management, First Aid, CPR, Car Seat Safety, and Psychological First Aid.

JD has a very strong commitment to community service and volunteers countless hours to the following organizations.

He serves on the Western MA Incident Management Team where he holds the position of Liaison Officer and Public Information Officer. He serves on the Critical Incident Stress Management for Western Massachusetts and locally he served 14 years as Deputy Chief of Emergency Medical Services for the Lanesborough Fire Department.

JD being raised in Berkshire County has strong ties to Berkshire County and continues to look for ways to give back to our community.

John Mazzeo

John Mazzeo is a thirteen-year veteran of the Pittsfield Police Department who is currently assigned as a Sergeant on the Patrol Division midnight shift. Prior to his promotion, John worked in the department’s Narcotics Unit as an Investigator. John was also responsible for the care and custody of all narcotics related evidence so he is very adept at property and evidence management to include narcotics and currency. He was also responsible for leading and co-leading a number of wiretap investigations into the distribution of narcotics, trafficking in firearms, home invasions, and assaults with firearms. One of these investigations led to the corroborative work with the FBI and DEA to dismantle an entire drug network in Puerto Rico. John is very familiar with wiretap investigations where he was responsible for the organization and maintenance of pertinent documents from Berkshire County Superior Court to Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston. He has been involved in the planning, execution and participated in hundreds of search warrants. He has also been the affiant in over a hundred affidavits several of which pertained to major crimes such as homicides and assault and battery with firearms. He has amassed a large number of informants and managed these informants to assist with drug investigations and also to gather information to help solve major crimes. John is also cross-trained in crime scene processing, to include fingerprinting, photography, and evidence handling and management. He has also testified as an expert in a number of District and Superior Court trials and also in Grand Jury.

John also has vast knowledge in gang culture and activity and was a gang intelligence officer from 2008-2016 and worked for the Western Mass Gang Task Force from 2009-2011. John was also a Field Training Officer from 2007-2010 where he was responsible for training and evaluating new officers in a fifteen-week program. John has received commendations both for his drug work and for weapons seizures. He has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Berkshire Community College and is currently enrolled at UMASS Lowell where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.