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JM Spartan Training LLC offers several training topics for businesses, organizations as well as emergency medical service and law enforcement community.

Our managing partners and lead instructors have over 75 plus years of experience in emergency planning and preparedness, law enforcement and emergency medical services.

Public/Private Business and Organizations/Schools/Places of Worship Training and Consulting
Our Workplace Violence Response Options training is State of the A.R.T.

A. Awareness of your current situation
R. Response Options to workplace threats
T. Training that instills confidence and a mindset that reduces complacency

The frequency and severity of workplace violence has escalated beyond threats of violence and intimidation. This growing issue can have damaging effects on morale, reputation and employee confidence.

Workplace Violence Response Options identifies the different levels of situational awareness and preparedness. This training incorporates the ways and means to recognize potentially dangerous situations and/or criminal behavior and practices to deal with a hostile work incident. Addressing such challenges will help to deter complacency and instill confidence in your employees that they will be better prepared to handle such an incident.

Our training program is flexible and designed to fit the needs of your business or organization.
We work with each of our clients to set individual goals and objectives.
We understand that workplace violence can be a difficult topic to discuss.
Our training philosophy and experienced instructors means a quality training experience without fear and intimidation.

We prepare you, not scare you.