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Welcome to JM Spartan Training

JM Spartan is pleased to offer a multitude of trainings to private and public businesses and organizations as well as the law enforcement community.

Our managing partners and lead instructors have over 75 years of experience in Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, CPR and Bleeding Control for the Injured. We cover a wide spectrum of law enforcement topics. Our team holds several instructor certifications in specialized fields.

Being an expert in particular subject matter doesn’t necessarily make you an expert in instructing that subject matter. We recognize this. Our team brings energy, passion and expertise to the training environment.

Our facilitated training platform combined with our energetic, experienced team results in the ultimate training and learning experience.

We specialize in one of todays most sought after topics.
Workplace Violence
Situational Awareness and Options-Based Response to Hostile Work-Related Incidents

This training is custom designed for your organization. This training is designed to address hostile workplace incidents such as bank robbery, hostile client/customer encounters, high risk employee terminations, active shooter training and everything in between.

JM Spartan Training LLC asks do you have a plan?
We will help you develop a plan, practice the plan and test the plan.
Emergency Preparedness, Workplace Violence, Threat Assessment
Shed complacency and instill confidence in your employees so they are better prepared should such an incident take place.