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JM Spartan Training LLC offers several training topics for businesses, organizations as well as emergency medical service and law enforcement community.

Our managing partners and lead instructors have over 75 plus years of experience in emergency planning and preparedness, law enforcement and emergency medical services.

Law Enforcement Division

The JM Spartan Training Team and our affiliates consists of several active law enforcement personnel with advanced training in several specialized areas:


Search Warrants: As we continue to progress into the electronic and digital future, its imperative that today’s investigators and detectives maintain a high level of training surrounding this topic. Our trainers are just that, highly skilled and well trained. They are active and relevant in today’s world of policing. This means our clients get the most up to date information and resources. We offer two search warrant trainings. Search Warrant 101 is the basics for those of you just starting out. Search Warrant Advanced focuses on search warrant affidavits involving all types of electronic, digital and cellular data applications.


“Leadership is not a license to do less. It’s a responsibility to do more” (Simon Sinek Inc)
It is well documented that the police sergeant is one of the most critical positions within a police department. Then why is there such a training gap for our newly promoted sergeants?? Our program focuses on both management and the leadership side. We recommend this course for not only your newly promoted sergeants, but for your FTO’s and those aspiring to promote.


This course will cover the initial patrol response, scene preservation and security. Our veteran crime scene investigators will take you through the evidence collection and documentation process. We will discuss and demonstrate latent fingerprint collection and analysis. This course will discuss ballistics and DNA evidence collection, preservation, and subsequent transfer to the state crime lab.


We do not know of many police departments that have the budget or personnel to have their own full time background investigation unit. Most of the time it ends up being a collateral duty for detectives, investigators or members of command staff. Any of you out there involved in your agencies hiring process knows it is getting more and more difficult to hire quality people. Today’s current social environment surrounding the police and community expectations means thorough background investigations are a must! Our Police New Hire Background Investigators will either train your personnel or contract with your department to do background investigations for you.