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Advanced Search Warrants 2022

This full-day course is designed for the Senior Patrol Officer/Sergeant/Junior Detective who has a beginning to moderate skill set in completing search warrants.

The course will consist of an overview of complex MGL 276-1 search warrants with assorted sub-topics to include:

Basic SW documents and procedures
Preparation of complex SW affidavits.
Affidavits in support of applications for multiple search warrant locations,
Use of informant / concerned citizen information in affidavits
No knock search warrant (after POST law updates) affidavits,
Anticipatory Search Warrant affidavits, Blood SW affidavits.

The course will also feature a case study of a complex investigation utilizing 15 + assorted search warrants to secure a lengthy state prison sentence for violent offenses.

This Advanced Search Warrants course compliments an upcoming Search Warrant Training for Digital Evidence (Cell Phone-Tower / Geofence) Training Session.