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2022 Search Warrant Series

Search Warrant 101

Search Warrants 101
The Basics
This training is the first in a series designed to develop the law enforcement professional’s abilities to better understand and create search warrants. This course is designed for investigators and officers new to writing search warrants. Participants will take part in hands-on practical exercises for the proper completion of search warrants. Those in attendance will create their own search warrant template and become familiar with the affidavit process. Students will receive multiple search warrants examples and will leave with a wealth of resources they can bring back to their department.  
Search Warrants 101 is an introduction to the search warrant process. The course will focus on automobile and dwelling search warrants with an introduction to cell phone search warrants. Participants will need a laptop in order to create and save their search warrant documents. Thumb drives will be provided.
Course instructors are active veteran highly skilled investigators and authors of countless search warrants from the basics to today’s in depth advanced search warrants involving homicide investigations, cellular phone/GPS data/Google and social media data.
For this class? Just the basics.
Search Warrants don’t have to be that difficult. Let us show you how.

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