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It doesn't matter what type of organization you own, manage or work for; Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Medical Health Services, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Retail, Private or Public Sector.............  Workplace Violence is always a potential threat.


Are you prepared should a hostile work incident take place in your organization? Are your employees prepared?  This course offers perspective and scenario based training to increase situational awareness and vigilance. 

  Stranger in the Workplace, Robbery, Active Shooter, Hostile Employee Incidents 

Discussing and incorporating real life based scenarios teaches how to recognize escalating situations and/or criminal behavior and practices to deal with such a hostile workplace situation.  Addressing such challenges will help deter complacency and instill confidence in your employees that they will be better prepared to handle such an incident.  See why other organizations have already trusted us to train their employees.

We will come to you. Free Consult. Lets come up with a customized course that works for you and your people.  Cost dependent on each individual organization.     

Offering Workplace Violence-Options Based Response and Situational Awareness Training to your employees sends the message that your organization cares about the its people and those they serve.


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